Investigación en Geografía de la Salud



    Atlas of Indicators of Heath and Social Welfare in Andalusia Read More
  • AIMA


    Interactive Mortality Atlas for Andalusia Read More
  • ODMA


    Evolution of the Millennium Development Goals in Andalusia Read More
  • AMCA


    Goal of the Mortality Atlas for Andalusian Capital Cities Read More
  • AISE


    Socio-demographic Interactive Atlas for Spain Read More
  • Rurality Index

    Rurality Index

    Rurality index for spanish towns Read More
  • Deprivation Index

    Deprivation Index

    Deprivation index for spanish municipalities Read More
  • Training


    Training in health geography Read More
  • Consultancy


    Consultancy in health geography Read More
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DEMAP is a research group within the Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP) which organises all the training activities conducted by the group.

DEMAP’s training activities include courses, workshops and specific seminars dealing with the Geography of Health, as well as exchanges with external researchers wishing to spend some time at EASP to work on projects related to spatial and time-related analysis of health indicators.



Courses, workshops and seminars on Helath Geography [Read more]

Stays for external researchers at DEMAP [Read more]


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