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DEMAP is a research group of the Andalusian School of Public Health within the Biomedical Research Institute of Granada. DEMAP comprises specialists in Spatial Epidemiology and Statistics, Information Systems, Public Healthcare and Management of Healthcare Services, with broad experience in Health Geography, ecological designs and analysis of small-area epidemiological case-studies.

DEMAP (Spanish acronym for the group) stands for Spatial Distribution of Morbility and Mortality in Small Areas which is one of the team´s main activities. Sinc 1999, DEMAP has been engaged primarily in three research areas:

           Spatial distribution of health outcomes

           Definitions of new social and demographical indices to characterise and classify geographical areas

           Proposals for methods to analyse small area epidemiological studies

Implementing these research line has enhanced understanding of the social, demographic and healthcare differences that exist between various geographical areas in Spain. The main results achieved are described in the sections publications and products on this web site. The primary goal of the various initiatives underway within DEMAP is o contribute towards new measures that will enhance public health, to monitor achievements and to promote healthcare policies that focus on prevention and planning of health resources.