Investigación en Geografía de la Salud


Piedad Martín Olmedo
Ph.D in Pharmacist
Proffessor of Public Health
Andalusian School of Public Health (Granada)
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Professional career

Pharmacist Degree, MSc and PhD. She is a senior scientist who developed her career in collaboration to multidisciplinary teams at the Spanish National Research Council in Seville (Spain), Edinburgh University (GB), ATSDR Agency (CDC, Atlanta- EE.UU), DG-SANO and Regional Office for Europe-WHO. Working at EASP since 2000, has successfully designed, developed, and implemented innovative training programs for Public Health Officers on Food Safety and Environmental Health issues. Her major interest in research has been focused on human chemical exposure assessment, especially related to those substances with endocrine disrupting capacity. Other interests in research concentrate on Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of environmental factors, especially ambient air pollution and contaminants in drinking water. She also takes part in the Spanish Network of Excellence for Research in Public Health funded by the Spanish Ministry of Health. At present she is an elected member of the Executive Board of the Spanish Food Safety Society, and the Spanish Association of HIA.